Info on BX 343-7 Albuca ?sp yellow and green

Leo A. Martin
Sat, 07 Sep 2013 10:24:36 PDT
Hello All,

In BX 343 was:

7.       Albuca sp? yellow and green

This is several generations removed from seed originally from the IBS October 2001 seed
exchange. The PDF of the offering seems to have been corrupted. This seed was shown
there as:

f00-094 Albuca sp yellow-green AB-UK
where AB-UK refers to A. G. Bailey, England.

When I copy the information from the original PDF and paste into different types of
documents I get different symbols for the "f" and the dash.

The plants do not match anything on our Wiki. They have narrow foliage of a
grayish-green. Inflorescences overtop foliage and are tall and narrow, to about 18
inches / 46cm in a 1 gallon / 3.6l container. Flowers are small and narrow, barely
opening, and truly not much to look at. I sent the seed because it is about the easiest
thing to grow I can imagine and it should help build confidence among seed tyros. It has
not spread wildly into nearby containers but I keep it picked. I haven't taken photos
but if it returns this season I will try and remember.

Oh, and Amoreuxia gonzalezii seed is ripening. There should be a good quantity for the
BX. A. palmatifida seems to be far behind its cousin.

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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