Photos of seed's mother plant as reassurance of correct ID

M. Gastil-Buhl
Tue, 10 Sep 2013 08:21:39 PDT
Here are my own photos of the mother plants of seeds and corms on  
their way to the PBS BX.

Aristea capitata seed
Evergreen leaves, May bloom, blue
original plant from Annies Annuals…
A. capitata blue is true blue, as in MSI's photo. The color balance is  
wrong in my photo.
Stalk 4.5 feet tall, upper foot covered with buds and blooms.

Moraea bellendenii corms
Winter grower, April bloom, bright yellow
original corms from Mike Mace…

Gladiolus italicus corms and seed
Winter grower, April bloom, magenta…

Lately I have come to value seeing a photo of the actual mother plant  
of seed. In some cases my photos are not as clear as others' photos,  
but the value here is the definite connection between the image and  
the offered material. The offered seeds and corms were gathered from  
exactly the plants seen in these photos. Especially with seeds, it can  
take years before we see what we got. So far everything I have  
received from the PBS BX has been as labeled, as far as I can tell so  
far from bulbs which have bloomed. Keeping records, written and  
photographic, takes time and patience and I don't always succeed with  
that, as evidenced by a charming tiny pink bud of... something... this  
morning with double label failure: both buried and top labels are  
illegible. One can only try!

- Gastil

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