Virused Bulbs

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 07 Apr 2014 16:38:56 PDT
Many years ago I sent in some bulbs to a lab in Sacramento to test 
them for virus. My experience proved that you can't tell for sure 
whether something that looks virused is virused.  Some things I sent 
in that looked virused were and some were not. Some I sent in that 
didn't look virused were. Since most people don't wish to take the 
trouble to do this, it seems safer just to toss plants that are 
suspect even if you end up throwing out something that is suffering 
from nutrient deficiencies.  But it is not so easy if the plant is 
symptomless. I sent in Sparaxis  I had purchased because the petal 
variation made me worry, but I also sent in some that did not have 
those symptoms. They were all virused, even the ones that  looked 
fine.  Nathan thinks the plants shown on the wiki were likely 
misdiagnosed as virused but this is not so. It is possible that 
plants with petal variation can be virused. It makes it very 
challenging for the home gardener.

Mary Sue

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