Mystery Lycoris

Peter Franks
Wed, 13 Aug 2014 17:31:15 PDT
Hi Nick

I'm wondering if the Dutch L. squamigera bulbs may have come from Japan
initially. Perhaps some Japanese bulb collector sold off some excess bulbs,
accidentally including some which were not L. squamigera. Who knows?

Both L. squamigera and L. x chejuensis have the same vernal leaf pattern so
It's just possible both were dug during the dormant season and inadvertently
mixed. This may have happened either in Japan or Holland

However it happened doesn't really matter at this stage - it looks as though
you've won a major prize in the Lycoris lottery!

If it is L. x chejuensis that you have and Tony A. hasn't seen it before
then you may be the person lucky enough to have introduced this rare taxon
to "Western" cultivation

Congratulations, Nick on your new-found treasure!

Regards [and a little envy] from Peter in sunny Sydney

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Hi Peter,

That's the closest match yet.  To my untrained eye, the yellow base color
with peachy overtones, darker stripe on the back of the sepals and petals,
red buds, and lack of crisping/undulation on the petals look very similar.

I can't imagine how that would end up in a population of Dutch L.
squamigera, though.  Surely my plant must be a complex hybrid of some kind.

This site says that L. x chejuensis is a hybrid of L. sanguinea, L.
chinensis, and L. flavescens.…

L. chinensis is available from some of  the big bulb vendors (perhaps of
Dutch origin?), and some L chinensis hybrids on the web look vaguely like
my plant.  Is it plausible that I have some unexpected hybrid between L.
chinensis and an unknown parent?

 Hmm, the wiki says that L. squamigera might be L. chinensis x L. sprengeri
(if it isn't L. longituba x L. sprengeri).  Some weird selfing or cross
with an L. squamigera that was only 99.99% sterile?


On Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 2:48 AM, Peter Franks <>

> Hi Nick
> I think your lycoris resembles L. x chejuensis
> Try comparing your image with the one on the right under no. 7 in the link
> I've given

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