Surplus bulbs

Matt Mattus
Tue, 26 Aug 2014 18:52:09 PDT
Diana -
I just saw this thread - I will email you personally. I'm interested, but
just leaving tonight for the NARGS national meeting so I won't have time to
make a list up.

If this wasn't posted to the group, I would not have seen it.

Jeesh - now where do I post about my Nerine sarniensis collection that I
want to get rid of?


On 8/26/14 11:36 AM, "Diana Chapman" <> wrote:

> The problem is that most are going to be destroyed!!  That's the
> problem.  PBS members are the most likely to want them, and to benefit
> but they might not be looking at the web site this time of year.
> Honestly, I thought I was doing a nice thing offering huge bulbs for a
> very nominal fee.  I didn't think it would open a can of worms, and I am
> already regretting it.  I will never do this again.
> Diana
>> Then you should just advertise the half price sale on your website.
>> Whoops!  I see you already did.
>> So what's the problem?
>> Tim
>> Dear All:
>> I have been told that I can't offer things like the Crinums to PBS members
>> because it is 'commercial'.
>> If anyone has any ideas of how to dispose of bulbs like these I would like
>> to hear it.  These are very large bulbs, over ten years old and measuring up
>> to 6" in diameter, weighing about 2lbs each (without the roots).  I can't
>> send them to the BX, they don't want bulbs like this.
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