Lycoris squamigera and Amaryllis belladonna

Jim McKenney
Sun, 03 Aug 2014 07:04:12 PDT
Thanks for pursuing this, Jonathan. Now we can put this one to rest (unless a genuine Lycoris squamigera does pop up somewhere in Sebastopol).

Don't feel bad about the misidentification: I've launched a few whoppers myself over the years. The important thing is to keep it out in the open and get it resolved. And who knows, by having discussions such as this now and then, we might even persuade the publishers of those misleading catalogs to change their image. 

Also, I apologize to anyone who took offense at the little attempt at humor in one of my recent posts on this topic: it was done in jest, with the feeling that no one reading this list would have any reason to feel that they were the target of my gibe.

Jim McKenney

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