Plagiarism, Again

Judy Glattstein
Tue, 26 Aug 2014 10:23:00 PDT
but maybe an answer. I was looking for a recipe for batter fried sage 
leaves and found this one:… 
Want to save it so highlighted recipe and clicked on Ctrl C and this 
wonderful notice popped up that said all material on the site is 
copyrighted. I couldn't copy the text!

Someone mentioned disabling right click (but there are other ways to 
grab an image of the page) and what I liked was the pop-up notice that 
says content is copyrighted. If this also works for images it would be a 
Good Thing for the PBS wiki images.

How Wonderful Is This! Next question - how to do this?

Judy in mostly sunny New Jersey where the greenhouse cyclamen (CC 
hederifolium & purpureum) are bursting into bloom, and rhodophiala were 
moved outdoors for the most recent spitter-spatter of rain to baptize them

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