Help with Hessea stellaris

Pamela Slate
Mon, 18 Aug 2014 16:54:36 PDT
Hi All,
I'm the grateful recipient of a bulb of H. stellaris and am looking for
input from you about its horticulture and acclimatization to my conditions.

It came from a drastically different climate and that is of great concern.
My overnight temps are to the low 80's F and at my location, days have been
consistently around 100 degrees but could go considerably higher before
cooler days and nights of October. It came from a location where day temps
are in the upper 60's F with overnight temps in the 50-55 degree F. range.
I suspect it's a mature bulb since the grower has had it a number of years
but without flowering success. It has good, moist roots.

I've read about it in Graham Duncan's book (2010) and also the Color
Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs. I'm happy it's not one of the species that
flowers after fire or grows in marshy conditions but am wondering about a
watering regime during this period of adjustment.

All suggestions are most welcome, especially since we have no photo of it
on the wiki and growing it to flower would provide a welcome addition..

All best,
Pamela Slate

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