Mystery Lycoris

Kelly Irvin
Tue, 12 Aug 2014 19:11:11 PDT
I was going to say it looked a little bit like my L. houdyshelii, but 
mine is I think creamier and a little bit ruffled on the tepal edges. 
I think my first should be open in full tomorrow. I'll try and 
remember to see it as a fresh bloom and compare. Whatever it is, I 
like it.

Eh hem, and if anybody asks to buy it from you, just let it be known 
that I asked first. :-)

Mr. Kelly M. Irvin
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On 8/12/14, 8:10 PM, Nicholas plummer wrote:
> Last summer, I bought a Lycoris squamigera from Tony Avent at one of the
> Plant Delights open houses.  The plant is currently blooming, and it's
> clear that it is not L. squamigera.  I thought that another customer at the
> nursery must have switched tags around, but when I sent a a photo to Tony,
> he replied that it didn't match any of the plants they are currently
> selling at PDN, and he suspected that it arrived mixed in a batch of L.
> squamigera bulbs from the Netherlands.
> Photos are here:
> Can anyone speculate on its parentage or identify it as a known clone,
> possibly Dutch?
> The plant was dormant through the autumn and winter and produced fairly
> short lived foliage in Spring. The inflorescence is about 21" (53 cm
> tall).  Distance from the green ovary to the tip of a sepal is
> approximately 3.5" (8.9 cm), and the natural spread measured from petal tip
> to petal tip across the face of the flower is approximately 3.25-3.5" (8-9
> cm).
> Nick Plummer
> Durham, NC, USA
> USDA Zone 7
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