Mohammad Sadegh
Mon, 11 Aug 2014 05:07:05 PDT
Hi Friends

We need to to find a good buyer for some Seeds of our Lilium Species .
We want to invest so much money to have a small garden (minimum 200 m) in a near village , away of our current place that have pests and a place that i can continue my programs with lily and rose breeding , that is why i decided to sell must of my seeds internationally and plants will be sold locally to be able to supply some of money that we need .
we will have a good amount of seeds that we want to sell in whole lot because of problem with small payment .
I can't write what lilium species (but you know which species live in north west of Iran) because all emails are stored in yahoo groups page and selling seeds of this species can make problem for me here. seeds are mostly hand pollinated in wild by me and my friend .
price will be a bit high , about 1$ per seed , 
anybody  can help to find a good buyer for them ? we have so many seeds from about 40 seed pods .

I apologize to use this group for commercial reason but i have no way so sorry .
Thank you very much

Mohammad Sadegh
Ardabil ,Iran

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