Telos Half Price Sale --> New BX policy

Diana Chapman
Sun, 24 Aug 2014 13:05:42 PDT
Makes sense, Dell.  I couldn't afford to ship them to you, so I am sure 
you couldn't afford to ship them either.  I took one bulb out this 
morning for an order and it weighed over 3lbs.  I won't make any money 
selling them at half price, but it's a shame to dump them all when 
others could enjoy them.

> Dear Diana,
> Your message compels me to announce that the PBS BX, as I run it, will not any longer offer or ship large bulbs. The costs and labor are beyond my/our resources. Donations of bulbs that are two inches or less in diameter will still be welcomed.
> I hope that folks who have large bulbs to share will list them (without prices) on the PBS forum and then negotiate with interested parties privately.
> Best wishes,
> Dell
> Dell Sherk, PBS BX
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> On Sun, 8/24/14, Diana Chapman <> wrote:
>   Subject: [pbs] Telos Half Price Sale
>   To: "Pacific Bulb Society" <>
>   Date: Sunday, August 24, 2014, 11:02 AM
>   Dear Friends:
>   I am discontinuing most Crinums since I just don't have the
>   space to
>   grow them any more.  I will keep some of the less
>   common ones.  I have
>   C. bulbispermum in red and white or pink colors, C.
>   macowanii, C. moorei
>   and C. delagoense.  Some bulbs are enormous, so I can't
>   offer them to
>   the BX since the work of unpotting and sending them would be
>   considerable, so I am offering them at half
>   price.   I will be trimming
>   roots to send them, and can't ship until after
>   September.  You can
>   either e-mail me if you want to order some or print out an
>   order form
>   from the web site.
>   Also:  All Oxalis are half price starting September
>   1.  Here's your
>   chance to get some you don't have!!  Offer lasts until
>   sold out.
>   Diana
>   Telos Rare Bulbs
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