Lycoris squamigera vs Amaryllis beladonna

Peter Taggart
Sat, 02 Aug 2014 14:55:04 PDT
I agree totally with Leo, however I use the wiki far more than I contribute
to it and am very glad of the enormous amount of information already put
there by so many generous people, - so I am really not keen to be critical.
 I would love to see the phrase "Flowers (blooms) in September..." as
"Flowers (blooms) in "September in the southern hemisphere..." or else
"Flowers (blooms) in Spring.." because a person living in California,
writing on a South African genus, invites ambiguity if the month rather
than the season is specified!
Peter (UK)

On 2 August 2014 22:09, Leo A. Martin <> wrote:

> Jim Waddick wrote
> > I urge you to go to the PBS wiki and study the
> > numerous photos of both species and as you get
> > familiar with each you can easily tell which is which.
> It is easy for me to tell the two apart. Amaryllis here is expensive, sold
> in good
> nurseries, grows leaves reliably year after year, and blooms about once
> every 6-7 years
> if the gardener is lucky. Lycoris squamigera is very expensive, not sold
> here, grows
> leaves perhaps once or not at all, never blooms and disappears rapidly.
> I went to the two referenced Wiki pages to look. The photos are beautiful.
> There is
> nothing in the text on either page explaining the characteristics shown so
> well in the
> photos. This is common on our Wiki.
> I sometimes teach budding professionals things that are obvious to those
> in the know,
> but not obvious to reasonably intelligent people who don't know what to
> notice. I find
> much of our Wiki is written from the point of somebody who understands a
> fair amount of
> botany. Many of the general public do not, and will not notice differences
> that are
> obvious to some of us. It is very difficult to imagine oneself at the
> computer desk of a
> person with little to no knowledge of botany, but that would be a good
> exercize for
> those writing for the Wiki.
> For example, though I essentially have no experience whatsoever with
> Lycoris squamigera,
> and I am relying on the people who posted photos on our Wiki to have
> identified them
> properly, I would write that the differences are:
> Leo Martin
> Phoenix Arizona USA

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