Surplus bulbs

Diana Chapman
Tue, 26 Aug 2014 08:36:02 PDT
The problem is that most are going to be destroyed!!  That's the 
problem.  PBS members are the most likely to want them, and to benefit 
but they might not be looking at the web site this time of year.  
Honestly, I thought I was doing a nice thing offering huge bulbs for a 
very nominal fee.  I didn't think it would open a can of worms, and I am 
already regretting it.  I will never do this again.

> Then you should just advertise the half price sale on your website.
> Whoops!  I see you already did.
> So what's the problem?
> Tim
> Dear All:
> I have been told that I can't offer things like the Crinums to PBS members
> because it is 'commercial'.
> If anyone has any ideas of how to dispose of bulbs like these I would like
> to hear it.  These are very large bulbs, over ten years old and measuring up
> to 6" in diameter, weighing about 2lbs each (without the roots).  I can't
> send them to the BX, they don't want bulbs like this.
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