Lycoris squamigera in warm climates
Sat, 02 Aug 2014 02:15:41 PDT

Jim, yes I grow a lot of Amaryllis belladonna forms and Nerine sarniensis hybrids and all flower without troubles in ordinary garden soil. Squamigera is always the first to wake up, early-mid July, quickly followed by sprengeri, incarnata, longituba. The radiata 'group' (houdyshellii, elsiae, some fancy 'species' from Chen Yi) and aurea and chinensis will flower in mid September to all October. Amaryllis belladonna, the 'type' form is the first to bloom, but not before early August, all the x Amarygia forms will flower much later in September till all October. Nerines in October and November, some like Pink Triumph in December.Kelly, I have tens of photo of all them in my Facebook profile, I haven't added to Wiki as there were already many of them .Angelo PorcelliApulia-Southern Italy

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