Plant Names, was Schizobasis intricata

Mon, 18 Aug 2014 09:13:21 PDT
If one follows  a series of steps in the publication of a species and it is accepted, it will be a valid species.  Here in South America we have lots of  situations  in which a species does not exist but since all  the protocoles were suppsedly followed  the species' existence is taken as a fact. Just to name a few,  species of Leucocoryne that  proved to be a single plant amidst a sea of a known Leucocoryne species. Years ago, during  a field trip the aim was to collect species of  recently published Cannas for our nice friend Jim  Waddick. These  were published by a Japanese fellow. Incredibly, in all cases, the "new" species were  one of a series of variants where populations of Canna coccinea and C. glauca overlapp├Ęd. There were  numbers of warm colors in  a small zone and one could have made  dozens of "species" if need be. And these "new"        species were valid species for the protocoles were followed and respected.


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