Schizobasis intricata

Peter Franks
Sun, 17 Aug 2014 13:52:25 PDT
Hi Ken

I would point out though that neither list is necessarily up to date. A
number of recently named taxa are yet to appear in these lists. But for
older species and genera like Schizobasis, which may have newer synonyms,
these lists can be helpful.

Regards Peter

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So is IPNI. And often the twain do not meet!

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 Subject: Re: [pbs] Schizobasis intricata
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 On 17/08/2014 19:35, Kenneth wrote:
 > Schizobasis intricata. One pot is from the
 Huntington. The genus is not on the PBS list. Is it a syn.
 for another plant?
 Plant list is useful:…
 One man's synonym can be
 another's accepted name.
 North West England
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