image theft - somewhat off

J. Agoston
Wed, 20 Aug 2014 11:52:17 PDT
Dear All,

I know it has been discussed in this list several times, but it seems to be
an evergreen topic.

Today i heard about a new app of a search provider. You just download it to
your browser, set the options menu and you can search for a picture on the
internet. I did a search just for curiosity and i have seen my picture
downloaded from the PBS website, cut off my watermark and put it on a
russian, american, lithuanian website.

Now if they use the original link and would leave the watermark intact i
would not have a problem. But they put their own watermark on it and sell
their stuff. So now i'll just send out a couple of letters to remove my
pictures right now.

I'm raging now, not because i would demand money, but they could just state
my name.

A lot of people took the time and provided the wiki with their own
pictures, to let people see how those plants look like, most of them spend
a lot of money to have a new plant in their collection, and then they share
the knowledge. For these people i'm very thankful, because i first check
PBS wiki for reliable info and pictures of a plant, since my knowledge is

So if anyone is interested in the app, which is free, here is the link:…

my original picture:…
and here is the website with the stolen picture:…

I myself look for a new way to watermark my pictures, because i still feel
that uploading them to the wiki is a good thing.

Thank you for your time!

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