Lycoris squamigera vs Amaryllis beladonna

Sun, 03 Aug 2014 15:37:19 PDT
Here is a link to a Facebook album of a few photos of lycoris squamigera
leaves this past winter in east Texas:…

You should be able to view this album even if you're not on Facebook.

The one in the snow was taken 3/3/14, and the rest were taking 2/24/24.

Lin Grado
East Texas

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Alberto writes of Amaryllis and Lycoris squamigera

> Both, in foliage, could never be mistaken.

I will address the issue by editing the Wiki. However, I don't remember the
leaves of Lycoris squamigera, and neither species has leaf photos on our
Wiki. Would you please provide a description of the leaf differences that I
may post?

Thank you,

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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