Lycoris squamigera & Amaryllis belladonna

Brad King
Sun, 03 Aug 2014 11:04:43 PDT
Hi All, I have been following this entire string with great interest and
have found it very informative. But, as string continues it not only creates
more interest but more questions in my mind. 
More on the cultural side rather than the taxonomy side. I am sending this
from Ontario, Canada. Zone 5b. I tried something new this spring. (at least
for me) I planted four Amaryllis Belladonna bulbs in a large pot in May. (I
was beginning to wonder what I really bought but, thanks to Alberto's
description of the bulbs, I know I have A. Belladonna.) The intent is to
bring the pot into my cold storage once fall comes. By cold, it will average
+/- 40 F and may slip to 32 F a couple of times. (This has worked well for
me with Oxalis sp.) 
I am anxiously waiting for something (anything) to emerge from this pot. Am
I on the right track?
On the other side, I had never considered Lycoris sp. for planting directly
in the garden. Has anyone ever planted these in the garden in Zone 5 or 6?
With any success? What species? Thanks, Brad. 

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Both,  in foliage, could never be mistaken.

Even the bulbs are different, Belladonna having the many bulb tunics with
silky threads typical of South African amaryllids.  Squamigera, with the
plain thin shell narcissus like tunics.

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