Pamianthe on the wiki

Sat, 16 Aug 2014 09:06:53 PDT

Though I am not familiar with Pamianthe specifically, I am familiar with pollination syndromes and nectaries of some Amaryllids.

My two cents is in response to this:

"Pictures on the PBS site do not show a long tube indicating moth pollination. Check out the first picture by Hans and the first picture by Nhu. Since my plants are month old seedlings I have no personal experience with the flowers only other peoples pictures. Both their pictures appear to show to my eyes a floral cup not a tube"

Upon observation of Pamianthe pictures, the flower form seems similar to Narcissus in that the ovary is at the base of a long (normally green) flower tube which extends between the ovary and the parianth segments etc. The nectaries are at the base of the ovaries, thus requiring a very long "tongue" to reach it.


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