Mystery Haemanthus

Michael Homick
Tue, 12 Aug 2014 22:16:57 PDT
I obtained a Haemanthus labeled as H. carmineus from Charles Hardman a
number of years ago. It flowered this week and an image can be seen at:…

I checked the pbs site, google search and the book "The Genus Haemanthus"
by Deirdre Snijman but can find no reference to a species carmineus. I
thought maybe it was a mislabeled H. carneus but the PBS wiki states that
H. carneus stamens do extend past the perianth.

I will try to key it out tomorrow.

Charles usually was very good at keeping names and labels correct.
Any suggestions?
All the best, Michael Homick
Stevinson, CA  USA

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