Amaryllis belladonna in pots

Fri, 08 Aug 2014 00:23:55 PDT
I grew the white amaryllis belladonna, which I was told is really a hybrid, in pots for years here. It grew and flowered beautifully.
It was kept just frost free in a cold greenhouse for years. Outside all the rest of the time. I never kept it especially dry in summer or at any other time. I fed and repotted it as any other bulb.
I lost it as soon as I planted it out...

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> Hi Uli, Thanks for the info. It's very interesting to hear your
> experiences. I'll keep a look out for N. Bowdenii. One interesting thing
> about this hobby is finding a bulb (plant) that excites you and normally
> does not grow in your part of the world and trying to manipulate an
> environment to get it to grow and flourish. Sometimes we are rewarded with
> great plants and blooms and other times.....well..... it's an experience.
> Still waiting for the A. Belladonna to even emerge. Brad.
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> Hello Brad,
> You live in an even colder climate than I do. Here we are zone 6-7 in
> northern Germany and we have to be prepared for minus 20°C in winter for
> many days in a row. Thak kind of frost penetrates deep into the soil
> although that does not happen every winter. So any winter growing bulb has
> be be grown under glass, protected from frost but with good light.
> I do love Amaryllis belladonna, every time I see them in flower.... I want
> them. I have tried so many times, in pots, in the garden with good
> protection, in the open ground in the greenhouse.... nothing really worked.
> I had a few blooms from the bulbs planted in the open soil inside the
> greenhouse which is kept frost free. But even that was disappointing because
> I had a big bunch of leaves at a time of the year where space is at a
> premium under glass and very littel rewards flowerwise to justify the space
> taken.
> So... honestly..... I gave up on that bulb. I do not want to discourage
> you... but there are so many plants that can be grown under one's given
> condition, why bother with one that will not perform? With me A.
> belladonna has never flowererd in a pot and it is said that the bulbs do not
> like to be disturbed, they need one or two years to settle in after
> transplanting and will not flower until they are established, in a suitable
> climate that is. 
> What I recommend as a suitable substitute are the hardiest forms of Nerine
> bowdenii. (Not N. sarniensis!) N. bowdenii var wellsii is considered quite
> hardy. I have donated seeds to the BX of a particularly hardy form that has
> even survived outside one of the worst winters we had those last years. But
> I give it overhead protection with a thick mulch and a cover against winter
> wet at the base of a south facing wall. N. bowdenii is entirely summer
> growing but autumn blooming when the leaves die down. The flowers are
> different from A. belladomma of course, but they are THERE, many of them.
> Looks great with silver Artemisia and blue Ceratostigma. Ontario should have
> a thick snow cover that is an excellent insulation. I remember Ellen Hornig
> talking about her former nursery in New York state, she could grow things
> outside that I can only dream of, because of her immense and very reliable
> snow cover.
> Hope that helps.....
> Uli
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