Kipp McMichael
Mon, 10 Feb 2014 16:50:13 PST

  Welcome to the PBS. The eccentric enthusiasts of our esoteric hobby are up for discussing just about any topic - that can be a mixed blessing. The best way to enjoy lengthy discussions about the topics that interest you is to ask questions or otherwise start those discussions. 

  And don't forget the PBX - for many of us it's reason enough by itself to justify membership.


> My Name is Brad and I have just recently joined the PBS and subscribed to
> The List. I paid my $25 on Jan 23th. When I joined this organization I
> thought I would learn things. Even though I am learning things it's not
> quite what I expected.  Since joining 19 days ago I have received about 100
> posts, of these, half of them have been the debate on the British/American
> definition of words like yard, garden and their various forms. Are you
> kidding me? ... The quality of the forums are going to have to improve considerably before I
> come up with another $25 (that's American) next year.


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