Gladiolus winter or summer?

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 24 Feb 2014 08:02:15 PST
Hi Joy,

Gladiolus is a very large genus and the names have been changed 
around a lot over the years.

You could start a list by finding and listing all the "accepted" 
names on The Plant List:…
The "accepted" ones (not everyone agrees) are in bold.

Then try looking on the Silverhill Site:…
and make a note of the ones that they say are summer growing. The 
rest are winter growing.

We have quite a lot of information on the African Gladious on the 
wiki thanks a lot to Rod and Rachel Saunders and Cameron McMaster who 
have supplied a lot of photos. But there are wiki places pages that 
would allow you to make a note quickly as well.
All of the glads listed on these pages will be winter growing:……………

All of the glads listed on these pages will be summer growing:……

The miscellaneous wiki page has the European ones that people have 
provided photos for so you could add those to the winter growing list:…

Also if you went through the wiki Gladiolus pages you will find a lot 
of them described by where they are found.  You could click on the 
species in the table on the main page you have not yet identified. 
You have to know something about the geography of the various 
locations as the listings don't always say winter or summer growing, 
but usually say where that species is distributed. Overberg would be 
winter growing as Cameron provided a lot of photos of that.

If you find more locations for the Gladiolus missing after that in 
the search here:…
The African species are listed here :
TA = Tropical Africa Area (EPFAT Area, country-based, south of the 
Sahara, complementary to the following)
SA = Southern Africa Area (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, 
NA = North Africa (Mauritania, Morocco, Canary Isl., Algeria, 
Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Madeira)
MA = Madagascar (Malagasy Republic)
You can limit your search to one or more of those. It you chose SA 
and clicked on each species you didn't have after you had done the 
rest you will find a map and a location. WC (Western Cape) will all 
be winter growing for instance.

If this sounds like a lot of work, yes it would be. Everything that 
has been added to the wiki represents work by some volunteer. But it 
would be a valuable addition to the wiki and I'm sure the current 
wiki administrators would be happy to add it.

Mary Sue

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