Crocus sativus blooming?

Zeki Ikiz
Wed, 19 Feb 2014 12:05:28 PST
In my opinion it may not flower ..It also needs cold weather for previous winter.Your climate is not cold so it would refuse to bloom..
The last, I am not master.
Greetings from Turkey, antalya.

On Wednesday, February 19, 2014 9:58 PM, Tim Eck <> wrote:
They will flower in the late summer or fall before the leaves emerge or
about the same time.  They should still be showing foliage which should die
back in the summer.

I had a fairly large plot for a while - well over a thousand bulbs.  In this
area (SE PA zone 6B) you must be careful of voles because they can eat it
all in one season.  I have built beds with hardware cloth covers and I have
laid hardware cloth on the ground and let the leaves and flowers grow
through it.  The second method is far easier but weeding is problematic and
restricted to hosing it down with herbicide once a year during dormancy.

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I purchased quite a few saffron bulbs at an end-of-season sale and planted
them in November. They came up and developed foliage, but no flower so far.
It's February now, so does that mean they won't flower till the fall of this

Also, I have a couple of plants that I need help identified as they were
planted by previous tenants.

Not a bulb, but a shrub that suddenly pops up in the garden:

Thanks for your help!

Zone 10A, Richmond, CA

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