Bulbs flowering early (was: Mild winter)

Nathan Lange plantsman@comcast.net
Thu, 06 Feb 2014 13:49:06 PST

Hi Jim,

I was suggesting that in a horticultural or botanical setting, 
derivations of the word "bloom" should be reserved for discussions 
concerning blooms (epicuticular wax) and are inappropriate when 
referring to flowers or flowering. For example: "Galanthus elwesii 
plants have a beautiful silvery bloom on their leaves, only outdone 
by their stunning flowers." or, "The flowering times of plants have 
no correlation with the intensity of the blooms on their leaves." or, 
"I will refer to the flowers on my flowering plants however I want to!"

Currently, anyone attempting to search the PBS archive for 
information about actual blooms (epicuticular wax) must sort through 
a daunting number of posts about flowers and flowering that have 
nothing to do with blooms (epicuticular wax). But, old habits die 
hard and best not to mention any of this to "Blooms of Bressingham."


At 02:55 PM 2/5/2014, you wrote:
>Nathan, were you making a pun with your reference to epicuticular 
>wax, or were you suggesting that there is something to be learned 
>with respect to time of bloom by observing the condition of epicuticular wax?
>Jim McKenney
>Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, USDA zone 7

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