Cyrtanthus Help in Seattle
Sat, 15 Feb 2014 14:45:06 PST

Hi all, 

I have grown a bulb sold to me as Cyrtanthus montanus for several years.  I'm growing it in a pot in my cool greenhouse.  The bulb has grown well and increased in size, but has never bloomed.  I'm keeping it dry in winter, having read the Wiki.  Lately, it is producing myriad offsets around the base.  I'm concerned that I have it potted at the wrong depth.  Does anyone know how deeply this bulb prefers to be potted?  It is now sitting almost completely above the potting mix.  Also, is it best to remove the offsets, or let them mature next to the mother bulb?  If I do remove them, how big should I let them get before I separate them? 

It is finally really raining here in Seattle and snowing in the mountains!  It was mid-50's here yesterday and feels like spring is already here. 

Tony Peterson 

Seattle, Zone 8 

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