Dissecting/stereo microscopes.

Chernoff, Ellen A. G. echernof@iupui.edu
Sat, 08 Feb 2014 15:28:18 PST
For Ellen Hornig,
      I have always found Nikon gives the biggest bang for the buck 
with stereomicrosopes, while Leitz (formerly Wild) scopes are the top 
of the line. The Nikon SMZ series can be found through used equipment 
dealers.  You might, though, find that a high end student grade scope 
from Olympus or Nikon does what you need with a lens adapter for a 
Coolpix type camera.  The student scopes sell new for around $1,200 
each, so a used one could be fairly cheap, with the warning that 
students tend to beat the hell out of these things, so a refurbished 
one would be a must.  I once helped someone teaching beekeeping in 
Africa find a used, good student type scope from a dealer in Mass (for 
artificial insemination of bees...). emailing the used equipment 
dealers works best.  you might even find one with a camera already.  
You'll want one with built in lights and you'll need extra bulbs, 
available from bulb specialty compaies, also online.
-Ellen Chernoff

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