In seek of bulbs/plants of different monocot species for flower research

Alma Pineyro
Wed, 22 Jan 2014 12:02:12 PST

My name is Alma Pineyro and I am currently conducting postdoctoral work at
a UC-Berkeley lab where I am investigating flower development in a variety
of monocot species.

For my research I need bulbs and/ or plants of various species, some of
which are normally planted in the winter to flower in spring, others are

The species I am interested in are:

Narcissus bulbocodium
Narcissus sp.
  Amaryllis belladona
Amaryllis sp.
  Tecophilea cyanocrocus/T. violaflora
Calathea sp.
Dioscorea sp
Allium sp. *not the common species
Tricyrtis sp.

I am aware that I am late to get the bulbs from the first species listed,
but would greatly appreciate any guidance regarding reliable places where I
could still purchase them. In the case of N. bulbocodium, I need to use the
developing flowers that are still within the bulb, so plants that are
already producing leaves are too mature for my purposes.
For Calathea, Dioscorea and Tricyrtis, it would be ideal if I can get a
hold of plants that will flower soon. In this case, I only need the flowers
and will keep the plants growing.

Thanks in advance for any advice on this subject. I an not new to working
with monocots, but it´s my first time with ¨bulbous¨species, thus, I am
sorry to say I have no material I could trade.

Alma Pineyro,
Berkeley CA.


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