Potting Paramongaia

The Silent Seed tylus_seklos@aol.com
Thu, 30 Jan 2014 11:45:57 PST
When I had them - I just planted them like any old bulb, in dirt, and they did fine. It appears to me that people tend to overthink certain things like this. Just keep mostly dry if it rests. Otherwise keep it evenly moist, in bright, indirect light, and it'll be happy. 

Good air circulation is a plus. 


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any particular ph requirements please Alberto?
Peter (UK)

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> In the wild it  grows in open slopes in screes, very hot, fully exposed.
> Like most Andean bulbs the bulb is deep in the soil and therefore a long
> neck is developed. therefore a large deep pot with perfect drainage is
> needed. The pruinose foliage is an indication of droughtland climate.


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