new Polianthes cultivars

Steve Marak
Mon, 13 Jan 2014 14:08:57 PST
Dylan's approach is by far the best one. Even when the owner's wishes 
are clearly expressed, survivors don't always respect them or carry them 
out in a timely manner; in fact, it's a rarity when they do.

I'll take this opportunity to again praise PBS members and especially 
Dell and the BX/SX for providing such a wonderfully easy and economical 
way to share things, many of which are not easy to find elsewhere. 
Bravo, Dell!


On 1/13/2014 3:31 PM, Hannon wrote:
> Valuable collections vanishing soon after a changing of the guards or death
> of the owner is a familiar story. One way to counter this problem is for
> owners and caretakers to do their utmost to propagate and distribute
> valuable plants before the End. If this is carried-out during the most
> dynamic period of a collector's and collection's life then the
> ultimate fate of the collection will matter much less. It is also the
> living knowledge that goes with the plants that is of great value,
> something that can only be passed on in life.
> Dylan Hannon
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