Mulch to Remove O. pes-caprae

Sun, 12 Jan 2014 16:09:42 PST
Hi John, I often use mulch to kill pest weeds, however I have this oxalis in my garden by mistake & it thrives where I have mulch up to 6" thick.. The only way you could eradicate it with mulch is if you continually lift the mulch so the oxalis never received any sunlight what so ever... This is a very difficult task because it will shoot & ramble quickly through the mulch.. If it sees sun you will loose your battle so be vigilant !!!
You may be better to use a combination of spray & then mulch, but I have found it very difficult to control & I started with only 1 plant.. 

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On 13/01/2014, at 8:42 AM, John Wickham <> wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone has any experience using mulch to remove Oxalis pes-caprae. 
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