Seeking albuca spiralis pollen soon.

Diane Whitehead
Wed, 01 Jan 2014 22:22:55 PST
Much advice about storing pollen is to dry it for a few days, then store it in the freezer, so a short spell of freezing in transit may be safe.

There is this information in the introduction to Albuca in the PBS Wiki:

" Two clones are often necessary to produce seeds but exceptions such as Albuca spiralis do exist. In the event that only a single clone exists, seeds can be made by microwaving the pollen for 15-20 seconds, then mixing with fresh pollen and applied twice a day to the pistil for several days."

This sounds encouraging.  Will A. spiralis self-pollinate?  There is no further information in the description of the species.

I couldn't find any further information about microwaving. Is microwaving to be used for all the other species that don't self-pollinate?

Diane Whitehead

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