Succulents and Bulbs

Judy Glattstein
Sun, 05 Jan 2014 11:28:29 PST
A friend here in New Jersey, Dr. Gerald Barad, is doyen in the cactus 
and succulent world. He has a huge greenhouse stuffed full of those 
plants. And he also has Massonia pustulata. I have no idea where the 
first one came from but his original plant made seeds. He sowed the 
seeds, which grew, and flowered, and made more seeds. I was visiting 
last week. The massonia flowers are fading / going over. There's a tray 
of new young plants ready to prick out, and soon enough I imagine there 
will be another seed pot. And so on, ad infinitum.

Judy in New Jersey where we might, possibly, reach the freezing point 
today. That would be delightful as A) it is mizzling / drizzling out and 
the driveway is glazed with ice, and B) overnight low temperatures in 
the single digits, even down to -1 degree Fahrenheit (that's minus 1) is 
bitterly cold

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