ID Needed & Habranthus Questions

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"Amazing Jumbo" is a clone of Habranthus brachyandrus that showed up in Japan and has been mass produced in Thailand available through Bill Moore Co. Has also been called Japanese Giant. 

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Hi Pamela
Looks like

Zephyranthes Lubufarosa now Z. La Bufa Rosa Group


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2014-07-26 1:34 GMT+02:00 Pamela Slate <>:
> I'd really appreciate an ID for this bulb that looks and acts like
> Habranthus sp.
> The bulbs started flowering after the temperatures here hit 105+ degrees
> and humidity rose. Other Habranthus that have been blooming over this
> summer include H. magnoi, H. robustus, H. tubispathus, H. brachyandrus, H
> 'Cherry Pink' and H. 'Amazing Jumbo,' that all provide predictable relief
> in our extreme summers.
> Does anyone know the history of H.'Amazing Jumbo'? Mine were purchased
> a Florida nursery now out of business.
> Thanks much,
> P Slate
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