Mealy bug tragedy

Fred Biasella
Wed, 23 Jul 2014 08:48:42 PDT
Hi Leo,

I was thinking of that, but this sucker was old and huge!!! I would have to use a garbage can to totally submerge the poor thing.

Cambridge MA


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Fred wrote of a Crinum
> ...which was ravaged by mealy bugs....

One thing that works on mealy bug- or scale-infested plants with lots of hard-to-reach crannies is to submerge the entire plant in a bucket of water overnight. Add a small amount of dish soap to the water to reduce the surface tension and allow the water to penetrate the bugs' waxy coats. Take care to ensure the entire plant is under water.

This works well on cactus and other spiny succulents if done during warm weather. I haven't used it on Crinum but I doubts such semi-aquatic plants would mind a brief soak.

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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