Amarcrinum (Crinodonna) Help

Fred Biasella
Tue, 22 Jul 2014 10:09:43 PDT
Oh I see. 

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By the way, Coutts is not a plant variety, but the person who published the name Amarcrinum. 

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Hello Folks,

I had a beautiful Crinodonna 'Summer Maiden' that I purchased from White Flower Farm many years ago which was ravaged by mealy bugs a couple of years ago. I took a chance and planted it in the garden (well mulched) in the hopes of ridding the those dang beasties, but due to the extreme winter we just had, I lost it (sob). I have been trying to locate 'Summer Maiden' but it seems to have disappeared from cultivation and all I can find is 'Fred Howard'. While FH is pretty, the blooms are too irregular for my taste and I like tidy well-formed blooms.  I was doing a search on the internet and I found Amarcrinum 'Coutts' WOW is that a beauty!!! Does anyone know where I can find either 'Summer Maiden' or 'Coutts'? Any help would be very appreciated.

Warm Regards,
Fred Biasella
Cambridge (Boston) MA
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