posting courtesies

Erik Van Lennep
Mon, 21 Jul 2014 23:11:51 PDT
Maybe this is a good time to remind ourselves of what we (most likely)
already know but forget to do:

We are all busy people. Many of us have only a few minutes during our days
to deal with emails. While hitting the "reply" button and quickly
banging-in questions or responses before hitting "send" may seem to be the
fastest way to go...

please remember the rest of us are equally busy and may not have time to
scroll down through endless repetitions of the same conversations.

So, take a few extra seconds and cut out the rest of the post, just keep
the specific words to which you are responding, add your bit, and keep it
"lean and mean".

You too will appreciate the effort when it comes time to read the
subsequent listmail, and you can actually get to the news without pulling
on your waders!

Thanks all,

Erik van Lennep

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