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Here in the east getting pumice is difficult, but I also found out about Dry Stall (note-do not confuse with Stall Dry, that is a different product, both are supposed to be used in horse barns on  the floor).  I called the supplier in California, they told me Agway carries it, and of course the nearest Agway didn't have any but they can order it from their warehouse.  Its 20 dollars per 40 pound bag.  Its perfectly good pumice for those special plants and seed mixes that benefit from it.  You just call the agway of your choice, if its not on their shelves they can order it and then they call you back to come pick it up.  Just did this a last week and got 3 bags which is plenty for now. 
Ernie DeMarie
Briarcliff Manor, NY 
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Mike, I like to add 'Dry Stall' to the mix. It's pumice and can be  bought 
in large bags at 'Sam's downtown feed store' on San Carlos blvd.  It  is 
cheaper than buying pumice at nurseries.


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