Erythronium americanum BX 364

Youngs Aberdeen
Thu, 03 Jul 2014 05:54:00 PDT
Oh my word! Locally plentiful is the phrase which comes to mind on
seeing these photos.
We have certainly found that Erythronium of various species can take
themselves to great depths but particularly E. americanum is of note
in this respect. We have had it drop stolons at least 2 feet (60cms)
to move down to a new level below a raised bed to colonise a new area.
They did this during a period of purely vegetative propagation though now
this whole colony is flowering well. This was a non-flowering clone which
began here in NE Scotland to flower at the same time as a similar 
group in the Gothenburg Botanic Garden did so.
We have never been able to isolate the reason that happened.  Other 
clones will
flower from an early stage.

Thank you for sharing, Roy.


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