Mealy bug tragedy

Tim Eck
Wed, 23 Jul 2014 11:25:07 PDT
For crinum, hippeastrum, and other amaryllids in active growth (or when they
should be), I mix per gallon of water:
0.5 fl oz (15cc) bifenthrin
1 tsp (2cc) dish detergent
Soluble fertilizer
Periodically, I spray this in the center of all the plants, drenching those
with leaves and those without.  Bifenthrin is not systemic but persists on
the leaves and in the soil.  Do not apply where runoff into waterways may be
a problem.  And if you're not already female, you may want to wear gloves
when handling pyrethroids as nearly everything out there acts as a synthetic

For acute infestations, you may want to buy some orange oil which is sold as
detergent and insecticide.  It is quick acting but fugitive and (unlike the
pyrethroids) completely safe for use around cats and food.  It attacks the
chiton in invertebrates, rather than the nervous system.  Very satisfying to
use on ant infestations in the kitchen, though it doesn't treat the source.

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