Anybody can help me with information about hot water treatment of lily bulbs against bulb mites?

Mohammad Sadegh
Wed, 02 Jul 2014 13:41:53 PDT
Hi Friends

I grow lilies in North west of Iran , Bulb mites infected must of my lilium bulbs and i want to eliminate them from our yard and my bulbs, 
i use some pesticides with no success in soil and i want to tr with bulb hot water treatment. In McRae's Book (Lilies a guide for growers and collectors) he mentioned that it is possible to control this mites with hot water treatment , Can i eliminate bulb mites (eggs and adults) with bulb hot water treatment ? 
I want to treat bulbs in 42 C for 1 hours as McRae Recommend . 

Thank you very much

Mohammad Sadegh
Ardabil ,Iran

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