Lycoris squamigera in warm climates

Nathan Lange
Thu, 31 Jul 2014 07:58:34 PDT

At 05:26 AM 7/31/2014, you wrote:

>...very interesting that it flowers well in your climate.  Are you 
>seeing them flowering better with shallow planting?


I apologize for being unclear. I have not yet grown Lycoris x 
squamigera in California, nor have I ever seen them growing anywhere 
in California. I was trying to list/propose the very few limited 
options available for managing winter temperatures when one needs 
more vernalization than is naturally available.

Very helpful to know that you have seen no effect of planting depth 
on flowering of your Lycoris x sqamigera. Do you mulch the bulbs in 
winter or keep the ground completely exposed?


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