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Joey Russell
Mon, 21 Jul 2014 08:25:32 PDT
Hello James,
This will be my first time ordering seeds (bulbs) through PBS and I would 
like to try your Crinum seeds.  I live in a zone 5/6 high desert plains area 
in Northern California.  We are subject to long periods without rain and our 
soil tends to be on the heavy side in some places lacking good drainage.  I 
have several raised beds (cinderblock with native soil/compost, well rotted 
horse manure, mix 50/25/25% respectively).  I use them typically to grow 
veggies but wouldn’t mind trying some of your seed.  I also have covers for 
them for protection, Remay and netting to protect from critters and provide 
some protection from biting winds, oh yes did I mention we have wind!  Any 
suggestions for success?  How do I place my order.  I have my $5.00 off 
coupon for my first BX order that I will mail with my payment!
Joey Russell

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From: James Waddick
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Dear PBS ers,

> From Jim Waddick:
> 10. Crinum bulbispermum, Jumbo strain

This selection has been reliably hardy in my Zone 5/6 garden for over a 
decade without protection. Winters are routinely below 0 F.
Directions for planting success. Press the large seeds into your planting 
mix, do not cover.
In colder climates such as mine the seedlings need extra winter protection 
for the 1st and 2nd winter.
Grow in full sun. Plant appreciate extra water and good drainage. Over all 
easy to grow and long lived.

Jim W.

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