True bulbs, was Fritillaria imperialis and persica help

Peter Taggart
Fri, 06 Jun 2014 14:04:33 PDT
I agree with Jane that any Fritillaria bulbs which I have handled whilst in
growth have seemed permanent
Are all true bulbs "not annually renewed"
I am thinking of certain Iris species.... but, thinking of their structure,
perhaps Junos are not quite true bulbs?or is it that their 'basal plate' is
What about the Hyacinth family...? their bulbs wither and regrow according
to their phase of growth.
Peter (UK)

On 6 June 2014 18:02, Jane McGary <> wrote:

> An older post was quoted in part as follows:
> "Since Fritillaria bulbs replace themselves every year, their original
> orientation in the ground will be lost anyway."
> This is absolutely not true. Fritillaria bulbs are true bulbs and are not
> annually renewed.

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