Rhodophiala question

Pamela Slate myixia1@gmail.com
Wed, 18 Jun 2014 16:06:35 PDT
Hi PBSers,
Thanks for all the input on S. peruviana.....I read many archives (not all)
and didn't see anything about division methods. I decided for now I'll keep
my two largest clumps as they are and replant in the fall.

Another question. I have a nursery propagator friend who grows out all seed
for me and he grew R. advena seed for me in fall, 2011 (BX 286). There are
now many seedlings still in a pot that I'm sure is too shallow. What I read
about this sp. is that it's summer dormant.....so am wondering why in this
100-100+-degree weather, they are showing no indication of going into
dormancy. Should I transplant them directly into a raised concrete planter
(25 inches tall)? Water regimen? Do these need a totally dry summer
dormancy? Or do they receive water in habitat year round? In what month can
I expect them to flower?

Any and all information is very welcome since it would be quite thrilling
to see these flower.


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