Website query on Rhodohypoxis

Jane McGary
Mon, 16 Jun 2014 09:18:44 PDT
The following inquiry was received via our website. Can someone help 
Harold Siebert with his Rhodohypoxis? You can write to him directly 
or post the message on this list and I will forward it to him.
Jane McGary
Membership Coordinator

>Subject: PBS website contact:///rhodohypoxis/
>Reply-To: Harold Siebert <>
>This is a message from the PBS website for janemcgary. greetings...I 
>have grown Rhodohypoxis for years in my cool greenhouse. I grow them 
>in 4\" pots and divide them in early spring. This year about a dozen 
>baurii red refused to bloom, just foliage. What is happening? Thanks 
>-- Pacific Bulb Society web site email:

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