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The southeastern Mata Atlantica region of Brazil also has a wet summer, dry winter pattern, but this doesn't mean that the ground is dry in either area. It just means that there is dramatically less rainfall during the winter. It's much cooler, and the sun is lower in the sky with shorter days, so as far as I saw in either location, the ground wasn't dry during the winter. It was nothing like what the ground looks like here in southern California during our rainless summer months.


On Jun 6, 2014, at 1:51 PM, Peter Taggart <petersirises@gmail.com> wrote:

> I think that this will depend on which part of Japan the plants come from.
> I understand that not all of Japan has a dry winter.
> Peter
> (UK)
> On 6 June 2014 17:35, Rodger Whitlock <totototo@telus.net> wrote:
>> : Japanese plants fail in my garden because
>> (I believe) the annual pattern of rainfall is exactly opposite from that in
>> Japan. We have dry summers and wet winters, the winter wet aggravated by
>> poor
>> subsurface drainage in my garden. Japan has wet summers and dry winters.
>> If a
>> Japanese native doesn't desiccate to nothingness in summer, it rots away
>> during
>> the winter.
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