Viruses on ebay

romain amato
Sun, 01 Jun 2014 02:53:35 PDT
I write this mail to alert about a  seller on ebay.
I bought him many bulbs of haemanthus, ammocharis last year, and they are
quasi all virused. During the first season of growth I 've eliminated two
Haemanthus, and this year (second season) mostly of the bulbs show
infection signs. Hopefully my other bulbs don't show these signs.
Last year I wrote him a message he didn't answered.
I hope the seeds I bought from him won't be contaminated.
This seller is selling now, he has always a long list of flowering size
bulbs and mostly amaryllids, he is located in south africa. I beleive he
grows his bulbs in common beds.
By respect I won't give clearly his name, but one must be careful when
buying by this seller one can easily find.

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