AGS Patagonia books

Jane McGary
Thu, 19 Jun 2014 11:22:54 PDT
The two AGS publications on the plants of Argentine Patagonia are 
attractive, though very expensive, especially for non-members. I have 
seen them and may buy them. The emphasis is on southern Patagonia, 
including areas that those of us who prefer to travel on our own 
might not easily reach. Access to the area is pretty much through 
Argentina because of the lack of roads in the adjacent part of Chile, 
though you can, I think, go via the Torres del Paine park in Chile if 
you want to start in Punta Arenas and do a mass of paperwork about 
the rental car. Most of the rosulate violets Bob Werra mentions can 
be seen farther north, but for such joys as Hamadryas you would have 
to be in the south. There is little bulbous flora in southern 
Patagonia, if any, but the plants are indeed wonderful.

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

At 11:12 PM 6/18/2014, you wrote:
>Regarding New editon of Chilean plant book, there are two new books 
>about flowers on the Argentinian side of the Andes. The first is 
>"Flowers of the Patagonian Mountains." It is 320 pages with 900 
>color images of 731 plant species. It is in English. Martin Sheador 
>is the lead author with five other contributors. Martin has been 
>studying these plants in situ for many years. It is published by the 
>Alpine Garden Society. My wife and I took a ten day AGS trip to 
>Patagonia led by Martin Sheador and his wife Anna-Liisa and it was 
>wonderful. If you ever wanted to see roseolate violets, we saw 
>plenty. They are remarkable plus tons of other beauties. A companion 
>book published by the AGS is "Patagonian Mountain Flower Holidays." 
>The lead author is Hilary Little, an expert on Patagonia along with 
>five other authors.It is 286 pages. It's a "how to" book to help 
>people who wish to take a trip to see the flowers.They are available 
>from the AGS Book Store at We
>   have both and they are wonderful. Price around 40 pounds each.

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